Wittingly or not, as far back as 1950, Bradman prepared a template to assist our judgement. In Farewell to Cricket, one of his five books on the game, he observed: "Figures are not entirely conclusive, especially short-term figures, but it is difficult to avoid their significance if a man produces them year after year against every type of opponent and under all conceivable conditions." Visionary he may have been but not even Bradman could have imagined the dimension and complexity of cricket's New World and that the rival for his mantle as the game's pre-eminent batsman would hail from the Indian megatropolis of Mumbai. – Mike Coward, ESPNcricinfo 22 April 2013

Greater than Bradman

Celebrating Sachin - The Greatest Batsman in Cricket History 

This book - by Rudolph Lambert Fernandez - is not a biography of Bradman..... or Sachin – there are many of those already. It is not a hagiography either – there are many of those as well. ​

It is an unprecedented attempt, to set the record straight. It aims to prove that Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest batsman in cricket history, by offering a first-of-its-kind comparison with Donald Bradman.

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All things considered - longevity, domination in more than one format, stamp on more grounds in more countries around the world, pressures of travel and media - there is an argument for placing Sachin Tendulkar above Don Bradman in the pantheon...... as a batsman, Tendulkar, both orthodox and creative, explored deeper and in greater detail the possibilities inherent in playing a leather ball with a wooden implement. – Suresh Menon, ESPNcricinfo 22 April 2013 (Suresh is currently Editor of The Wisden India Almanack)

Cricket: then, now, forever - by Rudolph Lambert Fernandez, ESPNcricinfo, 8 September 2014