Greater than Bradman

Celebrating Sachin - The Greatest Batsman in Cricket History 

The Author

As far back as 2003, Rudolph Lambert Fernandez challenged the status quo – Bradman’s undisputed rank as the greatest batsman in cricket history – by arguing that Sachin was in fact far greater. Ten years on, his book on Sachin invites readers to a detailed comparison with Bradman – the first of its kind.

Rudolph’s writing on Sachin Tendulkar has appeared in The Hindu,, The Asian Age, The Bengal Post, (India-based) and (India-based). His writing on cricket has appeared in The Statesman, (US-based), (UK-based), (UK-based) and (India-based). 

Rudolph invites readers to look beyond the mere obvious in cricket, especially in recording and rewarding batting greatness.